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Methow Valley irrigation District

The MVID West Canal will be operating to Gunnar’s Spill until the end of September.  The water level in the canal will be much lower than it has been in the past.  As MVID members below Gunnar’s have converted to wells, the District has had to cut the diversion at the head gate.

You will need to make modifications if your intake is too high relative to the level of the water in the canal. more>>

The Instream Flow Improvement Project is the result of many years of negotiations between MVID, regulatory agencies, and non-profit conservation groups. The current Project aims to assist MVID in serving all of the shareholders with adequate water, while minimizing the effects on ESA-listed salmonid fish.

This site is intended to provide MVID shareholders, Project partners and interested community members with updated Project information, background documents, maps and contact information.

Riverbank Project Office
Map and Directions
Regular Monthly Meeting
  MVID Regular Meetings, 2nd Monday of each month at 7:00 p.m. at the River Bank Office in Twisp.


MVID directors
  John Richardson  341-4584
Steve Dixon  997-7494
Greg Nordang  509-669-5574
MVID staff

Sandra Strieby, Board Secretary 997-2576
(primary contact)

Josh Morgan, Watermaster 997-6843
(emergency contact)

Washington Water Project
of Trout Unlimited
  Greg Knott  509-429-8334
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